Store WarsThe Farce Awakens

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the original Star Wars film; you know, the one that was the first episode and then became the fourth episode, two of our members who are complete Star Wars Geeks decided to write a parody and so Store Wars was conceived. During a moment of insanity I agreed that they could produce it for our May Thing this year!

Briefly, it sort of follows the plot of ‘A New Hope’ with similar characters, but their names may have been altered to protect their identities, so all you Star Wars nerds out there should be able to follow it; any non-nerds will just have to hope for the best and try to keep up! Schoolboy humour abounds so be ready for anything!

A brief synopsis, written by one of the geeks, follows.

Sharon Wood
Chairman Cave Players

It was a time of turmoil in The Wolds Villages

A new “Death Store” has appeared there under the command of Dame Vader.

This store threatens to upset the balance of the “farce” in the area.

Critical plans about the store are now in the hands of the Revel Alliance.

Led by Princess Leia attempts are being made to contact an old "master baker" called Ben Wobbly Booby,
who is the only person who can stop Dame Vader's terrible buns from being made.

Meanwhile in South Cave, a stroppy teenager by the name of Luke Groundhopper (who is still annoyed he
has chores to do for his Uncle Owing), dreams of escaping the tedium and boredom of his life. Little does
he know that adventure is about to come to him and lead him on a fantastical journey.....

Store Wars - not Star Wars (as we don't want to be sued!) - the story of a young man’s adventure to save
the day from evil bun makers, accompanied by Hans Olo, Chewie, some robots and a rolling pin.


This years show dates and times are:

North Cave Village Hall

All Tickets £6

Friday 19th May at 7:00pm

Saturday 20th May at 7:00pm

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