Our January 2012 Pantomime, Puss in Boots

Our not so bright hero, Tom, lives in a windmill with his long suffering mother, Dame Dusty, their cat and a lot of mice. The mill is struggling as there is no wind to turn the sails because the wicked witch Mordella has cast an evil spell. To make matters worst for poor Dame Dusty she has lost her husband and the mill owner, Mr Snitchem, is going to throw her out of the mill unless she pays the rent!

Meanwhile in the castle King Otto is bereft as there are no rabbits to be found in the kingdom, again courtesy of Mordella and her evil spells, and no rabbits means no rabbit pie. The King has employed two inept Welsh plumbers to find some rabbits, as you do, so they are running around in the palace sewers. Otto’s daughter Princess Priscilla is waiting for her hero to come along and let’s face it this kingdom is woefully short of heroes so she’s in for a long wait!

So the question was: can a cat put on a pair of boots, find rabbits, defeat a witch, make it windy and get a daft lad and a desperate princess together? Of course the cat can!!!!

Some pictures from Puss in Boots can be viewed here.
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Here is a letter we got from a local resident about our panto this year. We hope you find this inspiring and hope it makes you think about the next panto you attend.

As a regular Cave Players pantomime attendee, I attended this year with my two children aged 2 and 4. My two year old is a known wriggler and I have to sat she sat still throughout the performance (which was a good thing as we were on the front row!) so she must have been mesmerised. My 4 year old and his best friend loved it all and joined in readily. Even the adults found it amusing for all the right reasons!
The costumes and sets were well designed and the actors put on a stirling performance. The band (all two of them!) as always were very good. I think what I like best about seeing Cave Players is the obvious enjoyment that the actors emanate on the stage when performing. They really do put on a show.
Special mentions for me this year have to go to Mordella's sidekick, Grunge (beautifully played down for the number of youngsters in the audience but still eerily scary!), the comedy double act of the Welsh Plumbers who held their own often with no scenery and the lead character of Puss in Boots who was always clear to hear and in character.
If you haven't been to see a Cave Players pantomime then go - but make sure you book early - the Saturday matinee tickets went like hot cakes this year!!!!

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