Happy Ever After

Pantoland was in trouble; all the happy endings had gone missing. They were stolen and mixed up by our villain, Dr R. H. Grisley. Whatever will they do? Our hero Jimmy with the help of Fairy Wanda and a strange "Fairy Nuff", tried to get them all back to the right place while searching for Janet, his lost love.

Some pictures will be available to view here soon!

Here is a review:


Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the pantomime again this year, going to see the show is a wonderful way to spend some quality family time and as usual did not disappoint!
The highlights for us this year were Dr R. H. Grisley who gave a brilliant performance as the evil panto villain, determined on stealing everyone's happy endings! Boo hiss...! The lead in the role of Jimmy was also a pleasure to watch and whose singing and cheery disposition shone throughout the show. The character of fairy nuff was utterly hilarious, and gave some real laugh out loud moments.
All of the cast gave wonderful performances and culminated in providing a great time for all. My 2 year old son, who clapped and jeered and danced along throughout the show, loved it and has talked of nothing but the funny men and the dragon since!
Roll on next years pantomime! We cant wait!

Thanks for putting on such an enjoyable show for us all to watch,

Lyndsey Rockett

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